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Arnie was here!

The Brunnenhof—once a gym! Who would have thought it: before our house became a popular hotel The »Schillerstrasse 36« was known as the home of a wheight lifting studio. Right here—in the »Hercules Studio«—a famous person started his world career: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He worked as a trainer on the 2nd floor of our front building from 1966 to 1968. Previously there were muscle torture machines, nowadays our guests can dream there.

Arnold Schwarzenegger not only worked here, but was also able to train in his free time. This fortunate circumstance contributed to his being crowned »Mr. Universe« in 1967. After winning this title, the studio was renamed to »Universum Studio« and the numbers of new memberships was overwhelming.

A lot has happened since then: Schwarzenegger has had a successful career in Hollywood, was Senator in California and is still present in the media today. Almost every year, he visits the Oktoberfest and has even shot a video in front of our hotel. Maybe you’ll be lucky to see him walking around or on his bike.

A great story behind our walls and little bit of Hollywood air you can breathe.

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