Dear guests,

we would like to inform you about the current regulations regarding the corona pandemic before your arrival and thus provide you with clarity regarding the regulations. This should enable you to have a carefree stay in our hotel.

Exclusion from accommodation

The following are excluded from visiting accommodation establishments or tourist accommodation:

  • People with proven SARS-CoV2 infection,
  • Persons with contact to COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days (not applicable to medical and nursing staff with protected contact with COVID-19 patients) or for other reasons are subject to quarantine measures (e.g. return from risk area); For exceptions, reference is made to the currently valid infection protection regulations
  • Persons with symptoms associated with COVID-19 (acute, unspecific general symptoms, fever, loss of smell and taste, respiratory symptoms of any severity).

Room occupancy and breakfast

A maximum of groups of up to ten people from different households can be accommodated in one residential unit. The children under the age of 14 belonging to these households are not taken into account for the total number. These groups are also allowed to sit together at breakfast. It does not apply to those who have been vaccinated or who have recovered in the sense of the current infection protection ordinance.


At check in you need a proof of a negative “Corona test”. Testing can be carried out using the following test methods:

  • PCR tests carried out no earlier than 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • Rapid antigen tests for professional use (“rapid tests”), which are carried out or monitored by medical specialists or comparable, specially trained persons and which were carried out no earlier than 24 hours prior to arrival.

Such tests are generally possible at the local test centers and the test centers commissioned by the public health service.

We recommend to make appointments ahead of time via the website in a test center. This is usually free of charge for guests residing in Germany. If you are not a german resident, there are plenty of test stations around the city.

In addition, the Hotel Brunnenhof offers rapid antigen tests for personal use (“self-tests”), which are carried out or monitored on site under the supervision of a hotel employee. You will find out more about this when you arrive. It is important that if a self-test shows a positive result, the person concerned must isolate themselves immediately, avoid all contact as much as possible and make an appointment for a PCR test via the family doctor, the health department or the number 116 117 of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians .

This does not apply to those who have been vaccinated or who have recovered as defined by the current infection protection ordinance.

Mask requirement

  • Guests aged 16 and older must wear an FFP2 mask indoors.
  • Children and adolescents between the sixth and 16th birthday only have to wear a mouth and nose cover.
  • It is permitted to remove the mask as long as it is necessary for identification purposes or for communication with people with a hearing impairment or for other compelling reasons.
  • In communal outdoor areas, guests must wear at least one medical face mask. This does not apply to extensive outdoor areas, e.g. parks.
  • You do not have to wear a mask in your hotel room. There is also no mask requirement for guests at the table in the restaurant area

Only the following are exempt from the obligation to wear mouth and nose protection:

  • Children up to six years.
  • People who can demonstrate that it is not possible or reasonable for them to wear mouth and nose protection due to a disability or for health reasons. In the case of health reasons, credibility is given in particular by means of a medical certificate that contains the professional medical assessment of the clinical picture (diagnosis), the latin name or the classification of the disease according to ICD 10 and the reason why this results in an exemption from the obligation to wear.

Dear guests, we hope that we have helped you with our explanations, we look forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay in our hotel.

Herzliche Grüße

Best regards
Nathalie Menne and Dr. Rainer Mauer
Managing Director Hotel Brunnenhof